I am José Tomás Calleja
Nice to meet you.

I am an agile developer
I transform ideas in applications

What is what i do?

Imagine, design and develop web and mobile applications.


With the agile methodologies now is posible see the projects be completed sooner, with less cost and more success


Because the world go so fast to use old staff. Only the newest tool give the power to achieve the best results.


Trying to be on production mode the sooner posible since 2012.

"Don´t say it is imposible. Say: I did not do yet"

- Japanese proverb

My Applications

Small projects with one goal: make the life more easy.
From a virtual note to a shared calendar.


The notebook 2.0



Calendar K

The temporal social calendar.

Family Budget

Manage your expenses

Family Budget Mobile

Put in the data just when you spend some money.


Free web asistant to make and manage alarms for prices of products and plane tickets

Admite Pro

Make your own forms for inspections, audits, polls and fill on web or mobile devices.

Admite pro mobile

Make your own forms for inspections, audits, polls and fill on web or mobile devices.

Admite city

The first web solution for the administrative management of buildings technical inspections

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Lastest entries in Agilizandome (only in spanish)

Tricks and comments about rails, angular and lean startup

Como usar font awesome en ionic

Los ionicons esta muy bien pero siempre hay veces que nos hace falta usar otros iconos o imágenes en ionic. Cuando me piden meter algún icono de fa hago lo siguiente:

1- Voy a y me descargo el icono en calidad 128px
2- lo copio en la carpeta img
3- Lo uso <img src=“img/building.png” height=“15” width=“15”>

I will be glad to hear about you, say hello or only look around


Do you know how I can help you? Send me an email to